The Award

The Service Science Society of Australia Service Innovation Award is instituted to recognize organizations that have demonstrated significant innovation in the design and/or delivery of services. The award is a critical component of the Society’s mission to promote service innovation in all sectors of the Australian economy. Any organization (but not individuals) may be nominated for the award, including organizations from the government, business and non-profit sectors. The service innovations in question could be internal (i.e., of value to the organizations internal operations) or external (i.e., of value to external stakeholder/customers). The innovations of interest include process innovations (new ways of delivering services), technological or managerial (novel organizational structures, novel interventions to influence organization culture and so on).

Service Science Society

The Service Science Society has been established to build the scientific underpinning of services to create the necessary innovations for a productive and well-grounded service economy in Australia. The Service Science Society hopes to achieve this through the support of world-class research in services, undergraduate and post graduate service science education and policy assistance for innovations in the service economy, for the purpose of increasing the productivity and fostering the development of service related industries. The membership of the Service Science Society is open to both individual and corporate members who want to support this vision and to be involved in the further development of the service economy in Australia.

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November 28




Guest of Honour

Michael Pratt

Customer Service Commissioner,NSW

Award Panel

  • Prof. Aditya Ghose, President SSS,University of Wollongong
  • Prof. Fethi Rabhi,UNSW
  • Geof Heydon,Business Development Manager,CSIRO
  • Prof. Joseph Davis,Board Member SSS,University of Sydney

Service Innovation Award 2013

  • Guest of Honour

    Michael Pratt,Customer Service Commissioner,NSW

  • Vern Davis from HP speaking on behalf of the event sponsors

  • From L to R : Chris Papadopoulous(Board member,SSS),Michael Pratt(Guest of Honour),Prof. Aditya Ghose(President of SSS)

  • L to R: Jean-Jacques Dubray,Prof Eric Dubois,Prof. Aditya Ghose,Dr. Hamid Motahari,Prof Fethi Rabhi,Prof. Christop Weinhardt

  • Prof. Aditya Ghose,President of Service Science Society of Australia, delivering welcome address

  • Winner 2013







After many frustrating experiences trying to get a taxi, Hamish Petrie decided it was time to shake up the long-standing taxi monopoly in Australia. And so the founder of ingogo had an idea to provide passengers & drivers with a better service by putting passenger and driver directly in touch with each other using innovative mobile technology.
Firmly believing in a fair-go-for-all and cutting out the middleman plus a passion for breaking industry monopolies, Hamish a serial entrepreneur and CEO of ingogo, caught up with the original team behind ticketing company Moshtix. He took them through his plan and they decided the idea had legs and ingogo was born in Aug 2011.
Since March 2015, the company, now in all major cities in Australia, has received over $16 million in backing from prominent Australian investors. In addition, ingogo received a grant from the Australian Federal Government to build a system for Australian business. With these funds ingogo built the most convenient and reliable way to travel by taxi in Australia.
ingogo has won several awards including the CeBIT Future Payments Award and the Service Innovation Award. It’s also been chosen as one of the top 100 coolest companies in Australia by Anthill Magazine, plus has been voted 1 of the 5 companies to watch for in 2015, by Start-up Smart and the Australian Financial Review.