Service Science Society of Australia Thought Leadership Series

Service Science Update: The Human Side of Service Engineering for a Smarter Planet
TIME:9-10am (AEST) Friday August 3rd , 2012

Seminar Speaker

Dr. Jim Spohrer
IBM Almaden

Seminar Presentation

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This talk will provide an update on service science activities globally. The talk also explores some of the scientific foundations for service engineering in service science, as well as accumulating experience and data from IBM’s Smarter Planet projects around the world. In addition, a vision for the future of service science management engineering and design (SSME+D) is presented in which technology infrastructure, individual skills, institutional job roles, and cultural information about quality-of-life co-evolve in an upward spiral of technologies, skills, jobs, and quality-of-life measures. Not surprisingly, in this vision of the future sustainable knowledge economy, university-based entrepreneurial ecosystems (UBEE’s) are at the core of nested, networked holistic service systems.



Dr. James (“Jim”) C. Spohrer IBM Innovation Champion and Director of IBM University Programs worldwide (IBM UP), Jim works to align IBM and universities in regional innovation ecosystems globally. Previously, Jim helped found IBM’s first Service Research group, the global Service Science community, and was founding CTO of IBM’s Venture Capital Relations Group in Silicon Valley. During the 1990’s while at Apple Computer, he was awarded Apple’s Distinguished Engineer Scientist and Technology title for his work on next generation learning platforms. Jim has a PhD in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence from Yale, and BS in Physics from MIT. His current research priorities include applying service science to create smarter (less waste and more capabilities) universities and cities, also known as tightly-coupled holistic service systems that provide “whole service” to the people within them. He has more than ninety publications and has been awarded nine