Vision Mission Aims



Build the scientific underpinning of services to create the necessary innovations for a productive and well-grounded service economy.



The Service Science Society focuses on building a scientific foundation to modernize and innovate in the Australian service economy.

This is achieved through the support of world-class research in services, undergraduate and postgraduate service science education and policy assistance for innovations in the service economy, for the purpose of increasing the productivity and fostering the development of service related industries.

In particular, the Service Science Society is targeting emerging service sectors including climate services, green services, financial services, health services and water management services.





  •         ► Innovating in Service through research and industry adoption
  •         ► Building a multi-disciplinary research community
  •         ► Transferring knowledge to end users
  •         ► Facilitating expansion of service science and engineering research in Australia
  •         ► Raising awareness, enabling communication and promoting collaboration across Service Science and engineering community
  •         ► Linking to other relevant communities in Australia and internationally
  •         ► Representing and promoting the services community externally



  •         ► Informing and helping support development of services science and engineering curricula
  •         ► Assisting in the development of Service Science undergraduate and postgraduate degrees
  •         ► Facilitating new degree models in Service Science including multi-university degrees
  •         ► Promoting education and training in Service Science


Business Linkage

  •         ► Liaising with industry and government organisations in the services sector
  •         ► Providing an ‘incubator’ framework for industry/academia cross-fertilisation
  •         ► Facilitating government and industry recognition of the Service Science discipline and its relevance to their businesses
  •         ► Providing industry with unique opportunities to influence and shape research and education in service science



  •         ► Informing and supporting the development of government policy regarding the research and education in the service sector
  •         ► Acting as a champion for Service Science in the legislative process
  •         ► Participating in govt advisory boards on Service Science
  •         ► Actively promoting Service Science in media and other public fora.